Stars are bringing back opera gloves.

The wearing of Opera-length Leather Gloves appears to have experienced a major revival. A recent Vogue article shows top female artists wearing long leather opera  gloves. The demand for long, near-elbow and even shoulder-length Leather Gloves has increased dramatically.  Back in the 19th Century, Gloves signaled old-school formality.  Back then, wearing gloves was the sign of a lady, as opposed to a working-class woman who used her hands.  We here at Solo Classe have taken advantage of this fashion revival to introduce the breath-taking beauty and feel of beautiful high-end leather gloves.  Our gloves are produced in and imported from factories in picturesque Naples where, “Il Polo della Qualita” represents the best example of production centers that are historically associated with the fashions that have been produced in the Campania region for centuries.  Hand-made of lambskin, kidskin or suede and lined in cashmere or silk, our gloves are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. One may choose in a range that encompasses simple daywear all the way to eight, twelve, sixteen and even twenty-two-inch Opera Gloves. They are designed to enhance the timeless value of accessories for the twenty-first century woman.  We invite you to experience for yourself the sensual and luxurious feel of our imported Italian Leather Gloves.

A Short History of Opera Gloves

The "opera glove", in the version we most commonly know it today, is a glove of between 19 and 23 inches in length, made of kidskin leather and colored white, ivory or black, with a wrist opening closing with three buttons or snap, and often with three lines stitched across the back of the hand. The longest opera gloves were designed so that the sleeves could wrinkle attractively as they wrapped their wearer's arms.

While gloves have been worn for nearly three thousand years, the garment we know as the opera glove seems to have first evolved in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Queen Elizabeth I of England is reported as wearing an 18-inch-long pair of white leather gauntlets, with two inches of gold fringe, at a ceremony at Oxford in 1566.

Kidskin is an extremely soft, smooth, thin type of leather, made from the skins of milk-fed baby goats (kids). These kids are carefully raised so that they do not eat herbiage (which will change the texture of the skin in undesirable ways), or get bruised or scratched, so that their skins remain perfect and smooth. Kid leather is used for fine-grained, glace-finished (that is, grain finishing, a process in which a smooth, shiny finish is made on the topside of the skin by soft buffing or polishing on plush wheels) gloves, and kid gloves are often dyed so that the inside of the glove remains white. The traditional color for the kid glove - the default color, as it were - is white or some other related shade like ivory or taupe, and this color was and is especially favored for formal wear, but other colors, such as black, red, blue and brown have also found favor.

 It is these baby-soft kidskin leathers that Solo Classe Italian Leather Debutante, Wedding and Opera Gloves are composed.

 Pamper yourself with a pair today.  You deserve it.

Italian Leather Gloves are Our Specialty

Italian leather gloves are our specialty. Our gloves are handmade from baby-soft leather. These high-end fashion gloves are, of course, very popular in Italy and even fashion-conscious Parisians have stood in lines outside the store, to wait for an opportunity to purchase a pair. As these beautiful and unique women's and men's leather gloves gently warm and caress one's hands season after season, year after year, one will experience that which other gloves of lesser price can only promise.

Wholesale Custom Leather Gloves

Solo Classe is a wholesale supplier to selected retail outlets. We import directly from factories in Italy, the most unique, colorful and stylish leather gloves available anywhere.

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You should be wary of what you place so close to your skin.

In today's on-line the marketplace, one may find gloves made to appear to have been made of Italian leather.  The term, “Italian Leather” however, does not denote the birthplace of the animals from whom the skins are acquired; it denotes the process by which the skins are tanned.  It is an extremely costly process to dispose of the highly hazardous and noxious wastes produced in the leather tanning process.  As a result, these gloves may have been processed in countries with less strict, and thus, less costly tanning procedures.  One simply cannot obtain top-line Italian Leather Gloves cheaply.  Some of these, ‘so-called’ Italian Leather Gloves are sold for less than what reputable dealers are required to pay at wholesale rates.  Remember the old saying:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…!  


On Quality and Pricing


Have you ever wondered why Italian Leather Gloves are pricier than those produced in other countries? It’s because of pollution from tannery waste.  The tanning of one kilogram of leather requires at least 35 litres of water, all of which becomes polluted during the process.

Strict environmental standards have led to a decrease in numbers of tanneries in most industrialized countries.  These standards are less likely to be enforced in developing countries whose wastes flow untreated into local watercourses.

Italy does its own tanning, but uses extremely strict and expensive water purification processes.  These processes cost millions of Euros each year.  The disposal of the sludge costs more millions.  Clearly, these additional costs affect the pricing of the finished product.  But it also protects both the environment and the consumer from the consequences of contact with untreated tannery wastes.

And again, you get what you pay for.


Just what in the world are Italian Leather Gloves?

The term, “Italian Leather” does not denote the birthplace of the animals from which the skins are acquired; it denotes the process by which the skins are tanned. Only Italy employs this extremely costly method to dispose of the highly hazardous and noxious wastes produced in the process.  The tanning of one kilogram of leather requires at least 35 litres of water, all of which becomes polluted during this process. Strict environmental standards have led to a decrease in numbers of tanneries in most industrialized countries. There are sellers who market leather glove products as, “Italian Leather Gloves”. This is a deceitful practice. These sellers may also claim that they import their raw skins from Italy.  This is highly improbable because Italy itself imports greater than 90% of its raw skins, so it wouldn't therefore, be profitable for it to export raw skins.
Bottom line... You get what you pay for...!

Why buy gloves during Spring and Summer months?

We have been asked that question by many people.  And it is a valid question.  It is a, 'no-brain-er' to determine that one doesn't need gloves in the summer when it's hot.  On the contrary, it is a definite, 'brain-er' when one considers the concept of, 'supply and demand'.  When the demand for a given commodity goes down, then the price of that commodity also goes down.  Case in point:  No one buys Christmas trees in July.

Thinking ahead however, to getting costly Christmas gifts such as imported Italian leather gloves, one can take advantage of lower-than-usual prices, and sales during the warm months.  Given that, why not take advantage of Solo Classe's great summer offerings?  



Many people assume there is little or no market for gloves in the Southwestern United States. It’s taken for granted that states such as California, Arizona and New Mexico are, “too warm and dry” to warrant the need to wear gloves.

Gloves however, are not merely tools used for gardening, working or to promote hand-warmth. Gloves are a fashion statement. Stylish gloves foster elegance, style and sensuality. Most importantly, gloves foster a touch of class. Thus, our brand name: Solo Classe, “Only Class”.

Over the years, we have come to realize that our customers recognize, deserve and receive just that:  Only Class.  Check out our models and prices, and see for yourself.

What our customers feel about our Gloves and our Service.


... “I received the gloves last night when I got home from work.  What a masterpiece of beauty and design!  They are even more beautiful than I anticipated: classic, timeless, Old World sophistication and elegance.  Everything from the lovely box and wrapping tissue with your company's seal, to the actual product is exquisite!  The leather is soft and flawless!  It is a testament to your company's superb taste, international refinement and distinction.  Your company is well named--indeed it is in a class by itself in terms of quality, customer service and expedited delivery!”

 I tried the gloves on and they fit perfectly! ...


Carilyn, Chicago, Illinois


Thank you so much Carilyn, for taking the time to send us your feedback...!