Stars are bringing back opera gloves.

The wearing of Opera-length Leather Gloves appears to have experienced a major revival. A recent Vogue article shows top female artists wearing long leather opera  gloves. The demand for long, near-elbow and even shoulder-length Leather Gloves has increased dramatically.  Back in the 19th Century, Gloves signaled old-school formality.  Back then, wearing gloves was the sign of a lady, as opposed to a working-class woman who used her hands.  We here at Solo Classe have taken advantage of this fashion revival to introduce the breath-taking beauty and feel of beautiful high-end leather gloves.  Our gloves are produced in and imported from factories in picturesque Naples where, “Il Polo della Qualita” represents the best example of production centers that are historically associated with the fashions that have been produced in the Campania region for centuries.  Hand-made of lambskin, kidskin or suede and lined in cashmere or silk, our gloves are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. One may choose in a range that encompasses simple daywear all the way to eight, twelve, sixteen and even twenty-two-inch Opera Gloves. They are designed to enhance the timeless value of accessories for the twenty-first century woman.  We invite you to experience for yourself the sensual and luxurious feel of our imported Italian Leather Gloves.
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