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Welcome to the Solo Classe website. My husband Norm and I had been interested in high-end fashion for some time but were unsure of where and with which product to begin. During a visit to my hometown in Venice, Italy, we visited my brother's stores, J.B. Guanti. We were very impressed with the breath-taking beauty and feel of these beautiful high-end leather gloves. My brother suggested we market them on-line and we decided to take the plunge into the on-line market. We take great pride in our introduction of these exquisite imported Italian leather gloves to the North American marketplace. These are the same gloves for which fashion-conscious Parisians stood in lines outside in the cold, waiting to purchase them from my brother's two stores in Paris. We obtain our gloves from the same factories in Naples.

In terms of manufacturing, the process of cutting and trimming fine leather to produce the beautiful works of art seen here requires a vast amount of planning and work. Our gloves represent the greatest passion and craftsmanship on the part of serious artisans to a craft historically associated with the Campania region of Italy. Hand-made of lambskin, kidskin or suede and lined in cashmere or silk, these gloves are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. One may choose in a range that encompasses simple day-wear all the way to sixteen-inch Opera Gloves. They are designed to enhance the timeless value of accessories for the twenty-first century woman or man.

We import our gloves from factories in picturesque Naples where, “Il Polo della Qualita” represents the best example of production centers that are historically associated with the fashion and jewelry produced in the Campania region for centuries.

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