You should be wary of what you place so close to your skin.

In today's on-line the marketplace, one may find gloves made to appear to have been made of Italian leather.  The term, “Italian Leather” however, does not denote the birthplace of the animals from whom the skins are acquired; it denotes the process by which the skins are tanned.  It is an extremely costly process to dispose of the highly hazardous and noxious wastes produced in the leather tanning process.  As a result, these gloves may have been processed in countries with less strict, and thus, less costly tanning procedures.  One simply cannot obtain top-line Italian Leather Gloves cheaply.  Some of these, ‘so-called’ Italian Leather Gloves are sold for less than what reputable dealers are required to pay at wholesale rates.  Remember the old saying:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…!  


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