On Quality and Pricing


Have you ever wondered why Italian Leather Gloves are pricier than those produced in other countries? It’s because of pollution from tannery waste.  The tanning of one kilogram of leather requires at least 35 litres of water, all of which becomes polluted during the process.

Strict environmental standards have led to a decrease in numbers of tanneries in most industrialized countries.  These standards are less likely to be enforced in developing countries whose wastes flow untreated into local watercourses.

Italy does its own tanning, but uses extremely strict and expensive water purification processes.  These processes cost millions of Euros each year.  The disposal of the sludge costs more millions.  Clearly, these additional costs affect the pricing of the finished product.  But it also protects both the environment and the consumer from the consequences of contact with untreated tannery wastes.

And again, you get what you pay for.

SOURCE:  http://www.web.net/~bthomson/fairtrade/fair6612.html

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