Just what in the world are Italian Leather Gloves?

The term, “Italian Leather” does not denote the birthplace of the animals from which the skins are acquired; it denotes the process by which the skins are tanned. Only Italy employs this extremely costly method to dispose of the highly hazardous and noxious wastes produced in the process.  The tanning of one kilogram of leather requires at least 35 litres of water, all of which becomes polluted during this process. Strict environmental standards have led to a decrease in numbers of tanneries in most industrialized countries. There are sellers who market leather glove products as, “Italian Leather Gloves”. This is a deceitful practice. These sellers may also claim that they import their raw skins from Italy.  This is highly improbable because Italy itself imports greater than 90% of its raw skins, so it wouldn't therefore, be profitable for it to export raw skins.
Bottom line... You get what you pay for...!

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