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Solo Classe

Black Long Warm Cashmere-lined 8-button Italian Leather Gloves

Black Long Warm Cashmere-lined 8-button Italian Leather Gloves

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Long, sophisticated, Black Italian cashmere-lined leather gloves, made of soft kidskin.  Total length of this 8-button glove is 15-to-16 inches. These swanky and fashionable gloves will aptly illustrate what the 21st century woman is all about in terms of vogue.

  • 8 Button Length- (15-16" total)
  • Cashmere lining
  • Italian kidskin leather
  • Made In Italy
The 8 button length reaches 8 inches above the wrist, (approximately 15” to 16” total length). 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great gloves

These gloves are great and very comfortable to wear. But their length is actually not 8-button, but rather 6-button, because the gloves that I did receive were about 35 cm long, corresponding to a length of 6-button.

Jackline Yelda
Love em- Black cashmere-lined 8-button Italian Leather Gloves

Gloves: Very elegant, rich looking, warm, and true to size. I had a hard time finding long leather gloves with cashmere lining. So happy I came across Solo Classe on the internet.

Company: Excellent service and very reliable. I bought two different sizes because I was not sure how they fit. Ended returning the size that I did not want on Saturday, and my refund was posted on Wednesday (a few days later). In between all my decision making, I called the company directly to ask a few questions. a very nice lady always called me back right away and was very helpful. I highly recommend ordering from this company vs. online dept stores. You get way better service, wide variety, and if you need to return, you don't have to wait 3-4 weeks for your money to be credited to your account.

Excellent! Black Long Warm Cashmere-lined 8-button Italian Leather Gloves

I purchased these gloves, and they arrived today, and I can't be more satisfied! The gloves as sheek and warm. I wanted long gloves to keep the draft from coming into my coat sleeves. Miss Anna gave me excellent, timely, patient customer service as I had written her 2-3 emails questioning her about fit, size, etc. I highly recommend purchasing from this company as the quality of their gloves, and their customer service can't be outdone. I would definitely buy again for myself, and for gifts.

Long 8 Button Cashmere

Gloves fit and look extremely nice. Construction is the very best and better than other quality leather gloves for higher end department stores. Stitching holds up very well whereas in other expensive gloves some of the seams will start pulling apart fairly soon. Highly recommend these high quality gloves. Sales would increase if size 9 was available. When size 9 becomes available it should be promoted on the home page. Availability of custom orders and sizes should also be promoted on the home page.