About Leather Gloves

The U.S. fashion accessories market exceeded $16.3 billion dollars in 2008. Of this, $3.5 billion were spent on gloves. Historically, women's leather gloves and men's leather gloves have protected our hands from the cold, while hunting, working or simply to promote fashion styling.

There is a tremendous amounts of work involved in the process of creating leather gloves.

  • Soaking involves a water wash that Removes impurities and creases from the selected leathers.
  • Pressing removes excess water and smoothes the raw leather.
  • Splitting is a mechanical operation that separates the upper grain leather from the lower dermis.
  • Shaving is performed to give uniform thickness to the leather surfaces.
  • Trimming is the process in which the leather is cut, selected and separated from the parts that are not suitable for use.
  • Dyeing is the process in which the leather obtains the softness and color required.
  • Finishing is where the leather is buffed and made to acquire the brightness, color and appearance desired.

Men's Leather Gloves

Men's leather gloves, for the most part, may be separated into three use categories: Work, Sports, and Driving.

Women's Leather Gloves

Women's leather gloves, although utilized in the above-mentioned categories, are much more in demand for fashion styling. For instance, there exist jaunty styles for a day's shopping or to attend meetings. Or there are long leather gloves to attend an opera or a wedding. In short, the demand for ladies' leather gloves far outweighs the demand for men's gloves.

We also wish to clarify a descriptive term that seems to confuse some of our customers.

We describe our Women's gloves as being, 4bt, 8bt, 12bt or 16bt. The term "bt" (button) is a European term of an "above-the-wrist" measurement that corresponds to approximately an ‘inch’. In other words, a 12bt Opera Glove will reach approximately 12-inches above the wrist, 16bt approximately 16-inches, etc.

The term is not meant to describe the gloves as having attached buttons. If one of our models has attached buttons it will be unmistakably described as such.