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Long Black Leather Gloves Opera Length Silk Lined, 16 button

Long Black Leather Gloves Opera Length Silk Lined, 16 button

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Black Italian Leather 16 Button Long Gloves 

Highest quality Long Black Italian leather gloves, made of the softest kidskin leather. Perfect for opera, debutante affairs and formal events. Total length of the 16 button glove is 23-to-24 inches. Hand-crafted, made from one kidskin.  These gloves run true to size and go to the upper-arm between the elbow and shoulder.

  • 16 Button Length- 23-24"
  • 100% Silk lining
  • Italian kidskin leather
  • Made In Italy
The 16 button length reaches 16 inches above the wrist, (approximately 23” to 24” total length). 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Awesome fit

Long Black Leather Gloves Opera Length Silk Lined, 16 button

I received my order today my pair of gloves are superb it is super good quality I am happy I am very happy to have made a purchase with us but to see they had a bug concerning the tracking of the shipment of my parcel in Zurich at customs on stand-by to find out if my parcel was on its way to be delivered to my weird home, see you soon to your employees

Kim Taylor
Gorgeous gloves

I ordered the gloves on 4-18-20, and they arrived on 4-23-20. The fine quality of the leather is very good. The leather has proper thickness to keep them from sliding down the arm. The kidskin is soft and easy to wear for along time. Plus, overall design and make of the gloves is excellent!

Liz Price
black, silk lined 16 btn opera gloves

I received my latest order today - black 16 button silk lined opera gloves. I am overjoyed! They are gorgeous and the fit is perfect. They were tight when I first put them on, very snug. Once I had them on they felt wonderful. Now that I've had them on for about an hour, they have stretched ever so slightly. The fit is so good that I can pick up a coin from a flat surface and allow such dexterity that I am wearing them as I type this message. They are truly like a second skin.

So many adjectives come to mind - elegant, exceptional leather quality, meticulous workmanship.

I can't wait to wear them to a play in October. Here in Idaho I will be far overdressed, but I don't care!

Finally, your customer service is of a level that any seller of any product should aspire to match! I will be ordering again!

I placed my order by phone through Anna who was very helpfulassisting me to select the correct si...

I placed my order by phone through Anna who was very helpful assisting me to select the correct size and assured me that I would receive the order in plenty of time for a wedding I would be attending the following week.
I placed the order on Tuesday, Nov. 29th and received it that Friday, Dec, 2.
I love these gloves! The leather and workmanship are high quality and they look and feel luxurious . I'm very happy!
I also appreciate the prompt attention. THANK YOU!