Collection: Long Leather Opera Gloves for Women

Women's Long Italian Kidskin Leather Formal Gloves for Debutante, Bridal, Opera

Long length Italian leather gloves made of soft Italian kidskin leather with a soft, luxurious silk lining. 

The best long leather gloves are made from Italian kidskin leather and hand-made in Italy. Our genuine Italian leather opera-length gloves with luxurious silk lining are perfect for bridal parties and weddings, debutante, opera and many formal occasions. We carry 4 different lengths- 22bt. (shoulder length), 16bt. (arm length), 12bt. (elbow length), and 8bt. lengths. Our kidskin leather gloves are available in a wide variety of colors including the popular white, black, red, dark brown, grey, garnet red, patina green, purple and turquoise colors.

We wish to clarify a descriptive term that seems to confuse some of our customers.

We describe our Women's gloves as being, 4bt, 8bt, 12bt, 16bt. or 22bt. The term "bt" (button) is a European term of an "above-the-wrist" measurement that corresponds to approximately an ‘inch’. In other words, a 12 button Opera Glove will reach approximately 12-inches above the wrist, 16 button approximately 16-inches, etc. The term is not meant to describe the gloves as having attached buttons. If one of our models has attached buttons it will be unmistakably described as such.