Debutante Balls in the United States

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Debutante balls in the United States are traditionally held in cities and states with a strong history of Southern culture, as well as in areas with established high-society traditions. Some of the main states and cities where these balls take place include:

  1. Texas: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin are known for hosting a variety of debutante balls, with some of the most notable events being the Houston Chronicle's Best Dressed Luncheon, the River Oaks Garden Club's Azalea Trail, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Ball.
  2. Louisiana: New Orleans is well-known for its elaborate Mardi Gras balls, which often have a debutante component. Additionally, the city hosts other debutante balls throughout the year, such as the Squires Ball and the Mid-Winter Cotillion.
  3. Georgia: Atlanta hosts several debutante events, including the Atlanta Cotillion and the Terpsichorean Ball.
  4. South Carolina: Charleston and other cities in the state host numerous debutante balls, with the St. Cecilia Society Ball being one of the most prominent.
  5. North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh, and other cities in the state have a rich history of debutante events, including the Queen's Ball, the Raleigh Debutante Ball, and the Charlotte Debutante Club Presentation Ball.
  6. Virginia: Richmond, Alexandria, and other cities in Virginia have a long-standing tradition of debutante events, such as the Richmond German Club Ball, the Commonwealth Club Ball, and the Bal du Bois.
  7. New York: New York City has a number of debutante balls, including the highly prestigious International Debutante Ball, the Viennese Opera Ball, and the Russian Nobility Ball.

These are just a few examples of the many debutante balls that take place throughout the United States. Smaller events may also occur in various cities and towns across the country.

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