Italian Leather Gloves by Solo Classe

Solo Classe is proud to introduce some of the finest Italian leather gloves to the North American marketplace. We import directly from Italy the most unique, colorful and stylish leather gloves available anywhere. Our exquisite products are made of soft kidskin, Nappa or chamois leather and offer a variety of Italian designer styles.

Don't be fooled by "Italian Leather" imitations- Our Italian Leather gloves are imported directly from factories in Italy and are made with genuine Italian leather.
The term, "Italian Leather" does not denote the birthplace of the animal... It denotes the SAFER TANNING PROCESS that is done ONLY in Italy.

We also specialize in stunning Italian leather opera-length gloves-
Long elbow and full length leather gloves for formals and weddings.

We have white, red, and black leather opera gloves in 12-button (Total length approximately 19 to 20 inches long) and 16-button ( Total length approximately 24 to 25 inches long). All of Solo Classe Italian leather opera gloves are lined with 100% silk. Caress your hands with our soft cashmere lined leather gloves this fall and winter.

Because our customers deserve only the best, we pride ourselves in delivering first class customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

All Prices Reduced!

Because of recent improvements in manufacturing and shipping procedures we are able to bring you our gloves at a reduce cost.

All of our gloves have been discounted at least 20%.

We Sell ONLY Genuine Italian Leather Gloves

As always enjoy Free Ground Shipping within Continental USA

For our Canadian customers, spend $150.00 and receive Free Priority Shipping


Solo Classe Italian Leather Gloves News


Many people assume there is little or no market for gloves in the Southwestern United States. It’s taken for granted that states such as California, Arizona and New Mexico are, “too warm and dry” to warrant the need to wear gloves. Gloves however, are not merely tools used for gardening, working or to promote hand-warmth. Gloves are a fashion statement....

Jan 27, 2015

Gift Up for the Holidays!

  This Christmas, give an unforgettable gift of elegance, beauty and style.  Solo Classe leather gloves serve not only as objects of utility, but as objects of beauty and elegance.  You have to feel their caressing softness and savor their rich piquant bouquet.  Constructed by traditional old-world Italian craftsmanship, Solo Classe gloves exemplify merit and value.  This Christmas, be remembered...

Nov 24, 2014

What our customers feel about our Gloves and our Service.

  ... “I received the gloves last night when I got home from work.  What a masterpiece of beauty and design!  They are even more beautiful than I anticipated: classic, timeless, Old World sophistication and elegance.  Everything from the lovely box and wrapping tissue with your company's seal, to the actual product is exquisite!  The leather is soft and flawless!...

Sep 20, 2014