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White shoulder length Italian leather gloves with silk lining, 27- 29" long, for Bridal, Opera, Formal & Debutante

Woman's Long White Italian leather gloves fit to the full arm length, made of the softest kidskin leather. Perfect for bridal, opera, debutante affairs and formal events. Total length of the 22 button glove is 27-to-29 inches. Hand-crafted, made from one kidskin. These gloves run true to size and reach the shoulder.

Size 8 Gloves have been gently tried on.    40% Off

Size 8 1/2 Gloves Have been repeatedly tried on 65% Off

  • 22 Button Length- 27-29 inches
  • 100% Silk lining
  • Italian kidskin leather
  • Made In Italy
The 22 button length reaches 22 inches above the wrist, (approximately 27 to 29 inches total length).