The leather gloves marketed by Solo Classe are, for the most part, unique and can only be found on our website. Those factories in Italy that produce our gloves possess also the capability to produce gloves of your exclusive design, and if preferred, your unique label. They may be with or without cashmere or silk lining. They are fashioned from kidskin, lambskin, and chamois; special orders are available in peccary, deerskin and wild boar.

We prefer a minimum order of 24 pair per style per color. For black, brown and navy, we require 30 to 45 days until delivery. For other colors, a longer waiting time may be required due to the factory having to color the skins.

Naturally, we have on-hand a limited number of models and sizes in stock. In that case, delivery can be immediate but the quantities requested will be smaller.

For more information please contact us using our online form, or 520-331-5973.

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